Ethical Trade Norway

logo Ethical Trade Norway To strengthen our work to promote good working and environmental conditions as well as animal welfare, BLÅBÆR Production is member of Ethical Trade Norway. Through our clients we have been connected to Ethical Trade Norway since 2013.  Ethical Trade Norway`s purpose is to promote sustainable business practices in supply chains so that trade contributes to safeguarding human and employee rights, society and environment. Through our membership we commit to accomplish concrete and targeted improvements over time. The resource network also provide valuable replenishments of knowledge and opportunities to share experience with other players in the industry.

The Chemicals Group RISE

logo Kemikaliegruppen RISE SwereaBLÅBÆR Production has been a member of Swedish Chemicals Group since 2015. Network is run by the Research Institute RISE (Swerea). Here we have access to Europe`s foremost expertise and are able to work preventively and cut potentially harmful chemicals in our productions. Membership and collaboration and with Swedish Chemicals Group helps us to be at the forefront of regulations and restrictions at all times.

ChemSec – No to PFAS

Along with other companies BLÅBÆR Production AS have joined the PFAS Movement and signed “No to PFAS”. PFAS are also known as PFCs, perfluorinated substances or fluorocarbons, and are often referred to as “forever chemicals”, since they don’t degrade naturally. These man-made compounds are also bioaccumulative and linked to a number of health issues, including cancer, infertility, lowered birth weights and negative effects on the immune system.

Environmental NGO ChemSec’s initiative the PFAS Movement gathers the voices of companies that have had enough of waiting for legislators to implement a complete “forever chemicals” ban, and decided to take action by phasing out PFAS from their own production and supply chain.

BLÅBÆR puts sustainability high up on the agenda in general, and this commitment to ChemSec’s PFAS Movement is one of many initiatives that we are involved in. We want to turn ”forever chemicals” into “never chemicals”.

More info about this movement can be found on the PFAS Movement website.


Through our membership in Amfori BSCI and BEPI we have committed to work actively to map and improve social and environmental conditions in our supply chain.
BSCI is short for Business Social Compliance Initiative, and their Code of Conduct set strict requirements for working conditions when it comes to wages, working hours and safety at the workplace, as well as zero-tolerance for child labour, forced labour and discrimination. These performance areas are controlled and followed up by third-party audits held regularly at the production units we work with.
BEPI is short for Business Environmental Performance Initiative and targets selected focus areas such as energy and climate, emissions to air, water management, waste, biodiversity and chemicals. Through this program we commit to guide our suppliers for continuous improvement on above focus areas.
You can read more about Amfori at: https://www.amfori.org/