Social responsibility

We must all take part in the environmental challenges we face today, but also acknowledge our responsibility for the problems we are up to. BLÅBÆR Production seek to take active part in sustainable production and to protect our environment today and in the future. We work targeted in all processes in our supply chain to achieve less footprints. As result our demands, requirements and progress are dynamic and continuosly developing.  Our policy for Sustainable Business Practice is a foundation for our day-today operations.

UN`s sustainable development goals are central in all our work from product development phase to finished product including logistics. We want everyone who are involved in our supply chain to have a good and safe working environmentwith with fair and inclusive conditions. Sustainable business operations have been high priority for us for many years. We work purposefully for a fully integrated social responsibility in all our activities. This includes our suppliers, subsuppliers, subcontractors and down to raw material extraction. Our Code of Conduct must be accepted by all parts, and follow-up is done continuously throughout the year.

To strengthen our work to promote good working and environmental conditions as well as animal welfare, BLÅBÆR Production is member of Ethical Trade Norway. logo Etisk handel Norge, Ethical Trade NorwayThrough our clients we have been connected to Ethical Trade Norway since 2013.  Ethical Trade Norway`s purpose is to promote sustainable business practices in supply chains so that trade contributes to safeguarding human and employee rights, society and environment. Through our membership we commit to accomplish concrete and targeted improvements over time. The resource network also provide valuable replenishments of knowledge and opportunities to share experience with other players in the industry.

BLÅBÆR Production has been a member of Swedish Chemicals Group since 2015. Network is run by the Research Institute RISE (Swerea). Here we have access to Europe`s foremost expertise and are able to work preventively and cut potentially harmful chemicals in our productions. Membership and collaboration and Logo for Swedish Chemicals Group, RISE, SWEREAwith Swedish Chemicals Group helps us to be at the forefront of regulations and restrictions at all times.

We are aware of our choice of materials and work systematically to take further steps for improved sustainability. Natural fibers, organic fibers, recycled and certified materials are among our focus areas. We prioritize certified materials that provide both our costumer and end consumer safe and traceable products.   It is important for us ta take responsibility for the products we bring into the market, and that these products comply with consumers need, have good functionality and long life time. This is the framework for our working process – from early ideas, through all stages, and until final product.

Transparent business is required. This applies both to ourselves and throughout our value chain.

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