Our team work in close collaboration with clients in all steps: We identify needs, form plan for progress and creat targeted specifications according to concept and product. After approval of designs, production will be planned and initiated – all in full openness and transparency with clients. 

Goods will be delivered on time, in correct quality and at agreed place.

  • BLÅBÆR Production is close to all decision-making and have have direct 1-1 contact with manufactureres. We seek to avoid distribution channels and agents that may cause less overview and transparency with associated risks in supply chain.  Through direct contact we are able to ensure both manufacturers and customers that interests are taken into account for the better of all parts.
  • We carry out regular follow-up visits to factories,  subcontractors and their suppliers. We prioritize business to certified manufactureres and factories that show openness and make an effort to adapt, develop and improve.
  • Our expertise is versatile and we have been involved in creating a number of success stories over the years that have become market leaders in their segments.
  • We are open-minded, have an eye for details, are positive and willing to make changes for the best results.
  • We offer you a greener alternative and help your company and concept take important steps in the right direction – for our common future.