BLÅBÆR Production is a Norwegian based design and production company offering a wide range of services within the textile and garment business. Our employees are well skilled with more than 20 year experience within various segments and brands, and have developed expertise knowledge in sustainable fashion and textile production, import and logistics to EU/Norway and development of private labels.

We work closely with our customers on a daily basis to meet – and preferably exceed – their expectations.

Our vision

Our vision is to be a greener partner through innovative and solution oriented design, logistics and production.

Our story

Our company was founded in Bergen, Norway, early 2015, and we have had a steady and safe development ever since. The core business is design, product development and production – incl related topics. We have done all design and production on behalf of BH Nordic (Barnas Hus) since 2014/2015 to develop and improve market position of Reflex® – today Norway`s strongest brand within kids garment segment.  Furthermore we are engaged in design and establishments of new brands in other markets.

Experience & competence

Our employees have long, relevant experience from early 2000s from both domestic and international markets, and we offer services from idea and design to production and logistics. We bring with us experience and design assignments ranging from high-fashion in London, market-leading kids clothing in Scandinavian countries and multinational retail. Among brands we can mention is TATA-NAKA, Victoria, Reflex, Marks & Spencer etc.

We have worked with purchasing, development, sales and negotiations in large parts of Europe and a number of countries in Asia and North America, and covered areas such as textiles & fashion, furniture, toys, baby/children`s equipment and safety products.